About Us

Best Supplier of Yoga Accessories in China

SHANGHAI EVERSUCCESS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. was found in 2006 , and has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality yoga accessories in China. By having our own factory in Jiangsu, and some truly nice factories as close partners, we have been working, quite successfully, with many branded companies, professional clubs, medical organizations, supermarkets and promotional companies from the USA and Europe to customize their yoga products.

We are able to offer customers one-stop service because:
(1)We have a complete range of yoga accessories, including yoga mats, yoga balls, yoga belts, yoga bags, yoga socks, …

(2)We have helped hundreds of companies from the US and Europe to build up their yoga brands, mostly ranking high on Amazon and/or Ebay.

(3)We truly care about customers. With a very good knowledge about yoga accessories as well as rich experience in logistics and branding, we are most able to help our customers to develop their ideas into best selling products.

As the best supplier of yoga accessories in China, we are always ready to help you. So please feel free to contact us.

Why Buy from PORAY?


PORAY is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products for yoga, Pilates, and meditation supplies to support the needs of your studio or organization. We are focus on yoga & Pilates fitness products all in one service direct exporters to US, EU, Australia and all another markets.

Whether you are a large wholesaler or a small studio owner, whether you are looking at your first purchase from us or you have been purchasing from us for many years, we are fully aware that you are the customer, and you are the one that chooses to do business with us. We appreciate your business, and we will do everything possible to earn your business.

We encourage you to ask us any question and we welcome your suggestions on areas for improvement, or on products that we should add to our site. Please feel free to email us at info@poraysport.com or support@easyfit-china.com.